Through partnerships with Perspectives Academy, Hope Faith Ministries, Destiny House, Sportsmen for Heroes, Solventas Surgical Alliance, and Emma’s Angels, as well as other partner charities, we are able to reach and serve our intended audience: those in need. Perspectives Academy assists students that have struggled in a traditional school setting or who have tried other programs and have not been successful. Hope Faith Ministries is a Christian ministry located in downtown Kansas City that serves as an equipping day center for the homeless. Destiny House is a twelve-month, faith-based program founded to help battered women reestablish their lives. Sportsmen for Heroes focuses on taking disabled veterans on outdoor adventures. Solventas Surgical Alliance aims to remedy insufficient global access to surgical care by offering local surgeons the financial solvency and self-sufficiency to build their own independent practice where they can serve those in need today. Emma’s Angels Program provides weekly team visitation with the elderly to reduce isolation and loneliness. Various other partner charities, similarly, look to provide mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social support for those in need.

Our five core goals intend to heal, educate, equip, build and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to do more, be more, and love more. So, in turn, they are able to prosper as independent members of society. By investing in them we believe they will acquire the ability to grow and eventually give back in their own ways. Their support will help spread awareness of the societal issues affecting local communities.

The business objectives in the areas of sales and marketing, research and development, operations, organization and administration, and finance include goals to be executed immediately along with long term goals. The foundation has committed funds in the hundreds of thousands annually that will provide the opportunity to have millions of dollars of annual impact to our partner charities.