Our strategic drivers and differentiators will allow us to continue the charity work we have been involved in, while expanding our resources and expertise to more diverse ventures. Annual family adoptions, clothing drives, and fundraisers for the organizations we support are some of the opportunities we look forward to participating in. This guides the fundamental idea of continually growing as giving individuals and creating a physical presence in the community at large. We will engage corporate employees and family members to take part in the development of these drivers to serve and support to our fullest potential.


As a private foundation, One5 hopes to make an exponential difference beyond our own resources. Our heartfelt desire is to help others, one person at a time, by primarily supporting charities who believe in these five domains of life: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social. By strictly focusing on under-resourced men, women and children who are either homeless, battered or orphaned, we will have a greater impact.


To have hundreds of volunteers helping hundreds of thousands of people. By doing so, we also want to impact and bless the lives of both the giver and recipient. We want to stand as a community of benevolent givers with hearts of good will.


In our attempt to be bold, we will encourage and promote activism for all those who wish to be a part of something greater than themselves. This mission is funded through private and corporate donations of capital, services and equipment, and through a network partnership of both international and domestic organizations.


We will work toward these long-term goals:

  • To heal the underprivileged to a functional and healthy state of mind, body and soul
  • To educate local communities on the impoverished population
  • To equip individuals with the means to thrive independently
  • To build up the integrity and confidence of those in need
  • To empower individuals to care for themselves and others